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Finished marine fabric parts on a rack

Marine fabric parts of all types awaiting shipment.

Sunbrella, Stamoid, solution-dyed polyester, Isinglass, YKK zippers, combined with top-of-the-line hardware and tubing, that’s what goes into every piece of AmeritexDirect boat canvas. Even our snaps are made of stainless steel. That’s how much we pay attention to every detail when manufacturing the most well designed, exact-fitting boat canvas on the market.

When your boat was built, your boatbuilder worked closely with Taylor Made (formerly Ameritex) on the particular fabric they wanted to be used. An acrylic material like Sunbrella breathes, helping to prevent mildew. Whereas, Stamoid is a vinyl coated polyester that doesn’t breath but does have superior water resistance. And SurLast adds a urethane coating to their polyester fabric, so it breathes and has added water resistance, but doesn’t have the superior UV protection of Sunbrella. Your boatbuilder probably had a preference for a good reason. Or might have used different fabrics for different canvas parts meant to serve different functions?

The point is, there’s a lot to consider when engineering marine covers and tops. Taylor Made, in cooperation with your boatbuilder, has taken all requirements into consideration when it comes to the canvas for your particular boat. If your boat canvas has a sewn-in, laser-engraved tag with the Ameritex or Taylor Made logo, then we made the canvas that shipped with your boat when it left the boatbuilder, and we will custom-sew identical replacement canvas for you now. These newly made parts will meet the same stringent material specifications that your boatbuilder gave us when we designed and engineered the original at their factory. Same fabric, same thread, same tubing (if applicable), same hardware. Same everything.

Canvas that is made better lasts longer. It protects your boat and your investment longer. It’s better at protecting your family from harmful UV rays. Let’s talk about what AmeritexDirect can do for your boat by submitting the part number(s) on your boat canvas tag(s) using our easy Request a Quote form.