We Manufacturer Boat Tops and Covers for a Boatload of Boatbuilders

Popular boat brands with Taylor Made and Ameritex Canvas

A marina filled with popular boats sporting Taylor Made canvas.

Taylor Made (formerly Ameritex Fabric Systems) is the original equipment manufacturer for some of the biggest names in the recreational boating industry. That means boatbuilders ask us to pattern, design and fabricate the canvas tops, covers, enclosures, and more for their boats before they leave their factory.

Taylor Made manufactures original canvas parts for a long list of boatbuilders, and we will make replacement parts for your boat to the exact same standards and specifications as long as your boat canvas has a sewn-in, laser-engraved tag with the Ameritex or Taylor Made logo and part number.

Chaparral, Glastron, Rinker, Larson, Wellcraft, and Formula are just a few of the major brands for whom we manufacture original canvas tops and covers. Consequently, if you own one of their boats, we will produce replacement parts for you.

But if you own a different boat brand, you should know this: In 2009, Ameritex Fabric Systems merged with the fabric manufacturing arm of Taylor Made. The two companies, combined, have been manufacturing canvas for boats for well over 100 years. As a result, we have thousands upon thousands of patterns at our disposal. You can get started by submitting the part number(s) on your boat canvas tag(s) using our easy Request a Quote form.