A Precisely Fitting Mooring Cover is the Best Protection You Can Buy

Mooring Cover

What is a mooring cover? A boat mooring cover is an easy, all-in-one solution for keeping wind, rain, and the rest of Mother Nature out of your boat. A good mooring cover has a tight, snug fit from bow to stern, and adds a dependable layer of protection for virtually everything on your boat.

If your boat’s mooring cover gets worn out or damaged, you might find a temporary solution at your nearest marine or online retailer, but it’ll never do the job as well as the original mooring cover that was form fitted, specifically, for your boat when it was first delivered to the dealership.

If your mooring cover has a sewn-in, laser-engraved tag with the Ameritex or Taylor Made logo, AmeritexDirect can supply an exact duplicate of your original cover that will provide maximum protection for your boat, keeping out water and other elements. Your replacement cover will be custom sewn to the exact same specifications as your original mooring cover and shipped ready to guard your boat against Mother Nature.

Best of all, it will not be an approximate fitting aftermarket solution but an exact replica of the original made for your boat and an investment that you will be glad you made. Get started by submitting the part number on your mooring cover tag using our easy Request a Quote form.