The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Our Boat Canvas and Ordering from Our Website

Questions about Ordering from AmeritexDirect

How Do I Order Replacement Canvas for My Boat?

To start, use our online form to find your boat manufacturer, year, and model of boat. Then identify the parts that you’d like replaced with brand new factory-direct canvas and/or hardware. Next, fill in some specifics about your boat and your contact information so that we can get back in touch with you. Hit “Submit.” We will reply shortly (5 business days max) via email, letting you know the price of each product you’re interested in. You can then confirm back to us via email or fax if you wish to proceed with ordering any or all of the parts. Payment will be due at the time you confirm your order, and only at that time will we ask you for a credit card or personal check.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Ameritex Fabric Systems accepts Visa or MasterCard. We also accept personal checks. However, an order will not be processed until payment is received. In order to get your new, factory-direct replacement canvas as quickly as possible, please provide us with a credit card when you place your order.

How Much is Shipping?

AmeritexDirect now offers free shipping on all “canvas only” replacement boat covers, tops, and enclosures shipped inside the contiguous United States. “Framed” parts, “stock” parts, or anything shipped outside of the contiguous U.S. are excluded from this offer. For a description of what is considered a “framed” or “stock” part, please refer to the next FAQ.

What is meant by “framed” parts?

Generally, “framed” parts are defined as complete Bimini tops, including the frame, and complete camper tops, including the frame. Ameritex boat canvas frames are sturdily constructed, original equipment for your boat. They are not the kind of frames that can be “knocked down” into several separate pieces and fit neatly into a smaller box. In fact, the boxes we ship them in are rather large and need to be transported via a freight carrier. When ordering these parts, we will give you a shipping quote in addition to the quoted price for your framed parts.

The good news is that you will be getting a brand new version of the frame that was originally engineered specifically for your boat, and that frame is going to withstand years and years of use. The bad news is that we can’t ship it to you for free. Also, please note, that if your Bimini top or camper top frame is in good condition, then you can save on this shipping fee by simply ordering a new fabric cover to install onto your old frame.

What is meant by “stock” parts?

By and large, “stock” parts refer to hardware items. These parts are not manufactured by Ameritex and, as such, we are unable to offer free shipping. So, for example, you need a couple of new deck mounts for your Bimini top. We need to charge you for the cost of the deck mounts plus shipping, otherwise they would end up costing us money.

How Long Before I Receive My New, Factory-Direct Replacement Canvas?

Ameritex ships your canvas 10 business days after receiving the payment for your order. There is a chance that it could ship sooner, but each piece of canvas for your boat is custom sewn, just for you and your boat, and only after your order is placed. Basically, it all depends on how busy we happen to be when you place your order. Certain times of year are worse than others. But no matter how busy we are, we promise not to take more than 10 business days.

Questions about AmeritexDirect Boat Canvas

I’m Looking for a Particular Piece of Canvas but I’m Not Sure What It’s Called?

In that case, please refer to the diagrams on our Identifying Canvas Parts page. If the diagrams don’t help, please feel free to contact us.

Can I Change the Color of My Canvas?

The factory-direct, replacement canvas products that Ameritex Fabric Systems offers are the same exact products designed by Ameritex in conjunction with your boatbuilder for your particular boat model. If your brand’s design team did not choose a fabric, color, or option for the canvas part you are looking to replace, then that particular part is not setup in our system to be easily manufactured in different colors. However, if you are willing to incur an upcharge, Ameritex is happy to accommodate you. Yes, we will make your new replacement boat canvas in one of several premium colors. You will see what options you have while you are filling out our no-obligation quote form. You simply need to check the box stating, “Yes, I’m interested in a premium color option.”

I Want to Replace My Bimini Top but the Frame Is Fine. Can I Just Buy the Fabric Piece from You?

Yes. You can just purchase the factory-direct Bimini top fabric for use with the Bimini frame you already have on your boat. It will save you money and reduce your installation time. However, the frame must be the original frame from the factory top that came with your boat. If an aftermarket Bimini top or other boat top made by a company other than Ameritex was added to your boat at any time, the Ameritex Bimini fabric will not fit that frame. The same is true for camper top fabric or any other framed enclosures that Ameritex manufactures.

Can I Put a Canvas Product On My Boat That’s for the Exact Same Model but for a Different Model Year Than I Happen To Own?

Each Ameritex canvas product is made for a specific brand, year and model of boat. It’s designed to fit the boat that it was made for like a “glove,” as the saying goes – accounting for every curve, cleat and standard option available on that boat. Putting canvas on a boat from a different year (even if it’s only one year before or after) means that the “glove like” fit is going to be imperfect at best, if you can get the canvas to fit at all. Ameritex canvas products are highly engineered pieces of fabric that are meant to fit to perfection and protect your boat for years to come in doing so. If you see your model but not your year, please feel free contact us and double-check that we don’t have exactly what you need.

Why did my canvas arrive without snaps?

Ameritex is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The replacement canvas parts you are buying from us were originally manufactured for your boatbuilder and installed by them at their factory. Boatbuilders don’t want snaps pre-installed on the canvas they purchase from us. One reason is that there are often slight variations between decks, even ones made from the same mold, that would prevent pre-installed snaps from lining up properly. But a more important reason is that both your boatbuilder and Ameritex want a glove-like fit for your canvas. Being able to move snap locations slightly, while your canvas is being installed for the first time, is the only way to ensure this.

Hence, Ameritex has no way of knowing where each individual snap was installed on your boat. We ship your replacement canvas without the snaps installed, so that you can properly match them up and realign everything, in order to recreate that same glove-like fit.

This might seem intimidating at first, but you have several options when it comes time to do this. They include taking the canvas to a professional installer or doing it yourself. For more information, please visit our Installation Help section.

I Have a Question That I Can’t Find an Answer to on this Website?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.