Warranty Policy and Important Instructions

Ameritex / Taylor Made Direct Sales

Please read the entire warranty policy, limitations and procedures

Express Warranty

Taylor Made’s original equipment fabric warranty is limited to the original retail purchaser only. All of our manufactured products are covered against defects in material and workmanship from the date of RETAIL sale provided that canvas has been used and maintained in accordance with Taylor Made recommendations (click here for care instructions). Taylor Made is proud to offer the following limited warranties.

**Within the 1st year of the warranty period, Taylor Made will warranty all workmanship and fabric materials with the exception of clear isinglass. Taylor Made will not warranty normal wear and tear on canvas products from boats exposed to the outdoor elements at Dealerships or Marinas. Other limitations include: Taylor Made will not warranty canvas that has been ripped or torn due to misuse or neglect, nor will Taylor Made warranty any discolorations on materials from exposure to the weather elements, acid rain, mildew or other environmental conditions. Broken zippers will also not be included in the warranty. Saltwater corrosion will not be covered under any warranty. Taylor Made will cover only within the first year of the warranty period, regular ground shipping expenses within the Continental United States, both ways to and from the Taylor Made manufacturing plants and back to the customer.

Parts are produced based on the original specifications provided by the boat manufacturer; therefore, should there be a fit issue, it will not qualify for warranty. Parts are made to order and are non-returnable.

Exclusive Remedy

We reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim if proper care and maintenance have been neglected. Fit issues are not warrantable. At the discretion of Taylor Made, warranty items may be repaired or replaced. Any warranty decisions made are final. Any repairs or repair authorizations will be made exclusively by a Taylor Made Authorized Representative. All inquiries will be directed to Taylor Made Warranty Department at 1900 47th Terrace East, Bradenton, FL 34203 or tmfwarranty@taylormadesystems.com. Shipping charges on products to and from Taylor Made, if any, shall be solely the responsibility of the purchaser unless it falls within the first year of the warranty period. No person(s), including personnel of boat manufacturers and dealers, are authorized to make warranties concerning any of Taylor Made’s products. This warranty may not be modified or enlarged by any person except in writing by an authorized officer of Taylor Made, a Member of the Taylor Made Group, LLC.

Packaging requirements for returned items

Canvas Return Packaging

Please ensure that canvas items are packed according to the following procedures to avoid any damages during transit:

  • All items should be rolled and not folded.
  • If the item contains clear isinglass, wrap the entire isinglass area with tissue paper to avoid any scratches on the isinglass.
  • Insert the item in a plastic bag.
  • Place the item in a cardboard box so as not to fold or crease the isinglass.
  • Visibly and clearly write the RA number on the outside of the box.
  • Include all RA paperwork containing a detailed description of the problem with each item. Can be attached to packing slip or placed inside the box.
  • Note: Do not use tape of any kind to wrap directly to the isinglass material. The adhesive residue will permanently damage the clear isinglass.
  • Note: Do not use any type of magic marker, permanent marker or china marker to mark directly on the canvas or on the clear plastic bag.
  • Disclaimer: There will be no credit for damage due to improper packaging.

Please Note These Additional Important Items and Limitations:

  • Canvas products exposed on Boat Dealer premises are subject to additional ultraviolet exposure that may cause additional wear and tear on the canvas, which is not covered under any warranty.
  • Clear vinyl curtains are not intended to be used as storage or as a mooring product. The plasticizer in the clear vinyl will break down and begin to turn colors. Therefore, the clear curtains are to be used as foul weather protection only, and this clear material will not be covered under any warranty. Any canvas products determined to be cleaned with bleach or harsh chemical product will not be covered under the Taylor Made fabric warranty.
  • Taylor Made will not authorize any chargebacks for repairs or re-work performed from Dealers or independent repair shops without the sole permission from the Taylor Made Warranty Department, PRIOR to any work performed.
  • Taylor Made will not reimburse any labor rates not authorized by Taylor Made for work performed on any of Taylor Made fabric products.
  • The Taylor Made Warranty Department reserves the right to ask for pictures of the warranty claim with the proper part number, the retail sale date of boat, and the description of the product in question to process any warranty claim.
  • *Note: Removing the Ameritex or Taylor Made label that contains the product part number, identification, date of manufacturer, and other important information will ultimately void the warranty.

Freight Claims

Claims against a freight carrier are the sole responsibility of the customer. Taylor Made will assist in settling claims when possible but in no way assumes responsibility for freight carrier performance.

Please note proper warranty procedure below

To make a warranty claim, the customer must e-mail the Taylor Made Warranty Department and obtain an RA number (Return Authorization number) from the Taylor Made Warranty Department (tmfwarranty@taylormadesystems.com) and must mark package(s) clearly with the RA number. Any packages without the proper RA number will NOT be accepted. (No exceptions) Taylor Made shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for incidental, consequential or special damages such as, but not limited to, damage to or loss of, other property or equipment, loss of profits, cost of purchased or replacement goods, or claims of customers or others of or through the purchaser. The remedies of the purchaser set forth herein are exclusive, and the liability of Taylor Made shall not, except as expressly provided herein, exceed the price of the goods upon which such liability is based.

Taylor Made Warranty Quick Fact Sheet

  • For Warranty questions contact Taylor Made Warranty Department at 941-747-1900 ext. 206 or tmfwarranty@taylormadesystems.com. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:30am till 12:00pm and 1:00pm till 4:30pm eastern standard time.
  • All items must have an RA number on your warranty return, or it will be refused.
  • There are items not coved in the warranty; please read the limitation section of the warranty.
  • All items are to be returned with an RA number and must be packaged properly.
  • Authorization for any labor reimbursement will have to have approval from the Taylor Made Warranty Department.
  • Any warranty defect should be clearly noted with the item and the specific problem defined. Damage caused by return shipping will not be covered. This will also aid in expediting any warranty claim.
  • Workmanship is defined as items that are the fault of Taylor Made manufacturing. It does not include other items such as the fit of the canvas, zipper breakage, thread, material, clear isinglass, fasteners, damage from UV exposure, misuse of product, mold or mildew, canvas torn or ripped due to trailering with canvas erected, discoloration of any materials, or leakage of sewn seams or leakage of windshields.
  • The boat hull number must be included with the warranty claim.
  • All warranty decisions will be made by Taylor Made and are final. If Taylor Made determines that the item(s) are not covered under warranty, a quote for repair or replacement of the item(s) will be provided. Taylor Made will not ship new product in lieu of getting the item(s) in question returned to Taylor Made for inspection and evaluation. Taylor Made will pay for ground shipping within the Continental United States during the first year of the warranty period on any valid warranty claim.

Warranty Exclusions

  • Clear isinglass and clear Plexiglas.
  • Zippers, fasteners.
  • Failure due to normal product wear and tear.
  • Misuse of product in any way.
  • Neglect of regular care and maintenance.
  • Exposure to environmental conditions such as ultraviolet rays.
  • Leakage of sewn seams.
  • Mold or mildew.
  • Salt water corrosion or discoloration on any materials.
  • Discoloration of material from time exposure, environmental chemical fallout, bird droppings or cleaning chemicals.
  • Fit or function (products are fit at boat plants and approved prior to shipment).
  • Improper packaging of returned items to Taylor Made (See packaging instructions).